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DURAVIS Solenoid Valves For Misting, Fogging and Spraying Systems

DURAVIS Solenoid Valves For Misting, Fogging and Spraying Systems

Commercial and industrial misting and fogging is a market that have a remarkable quantity of solenoid valves. Our products commonly used in misting, fogging, spraying, humidifying, dust and fire suppression and so on. These valves can be used at a pump outlet or anywhere on the system for other purposes.

The essential step is the inlet valves which typically are G1/4″ up to G3/4″ diaphragm type pilot operated valves. This ensures low pressure applications with high flow ability. In addition, low power consumption solenoid valves will be another option where the energy consumption is desired to be less where the pressure is low.

Second step is where the high pressure misting water goes where the system directs it. High pressure valves are used to help control the system and let the pressure build up before it goes to spray jets.

Apart from the water feeding, valves that drain the water from the system can also be used. For more info, please mail to us; info@us-kon.com.tr  or sales@us-kon.com.tr


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